About The Artist

Painting has arrived early in the 21st Century, where the act of painting is again an individual experience. Past art movements and styles have always been affected by their times, politics and current affairs. The Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century took painting in a direction we are still guided by. Painting is transformed into individual endeavors and exploits. Life experience in abstracted thought is cultivated through ones own personal world, ones surroundings and environment leads to the pure use of color and imagery.

Elena Erickson grew up in the country-side of northern Switzerland in the village of Safenwil. Outside of city life and influences, the forest surrounded her home, and from her youth, most life adventures were motivated by nature. Moving later to the Bay Area in California, close to the ocean’s edge, opened up a different view. The outdoors formed the imagery in the paintings she is currently creating.

“While painting I often experience that confidence and no fear of loss is an essential part of my process. The more natural the movement, the more natural is the look of the surface. It’s an adventure through different colors and shapes, inspirations and observations, where I can pick the parts that speak to me the most, and put them together in the search of harmony. The focus on the practice of creating does matter, a focus on what it feels like, so the desired shapes can come forth. While following the directions of your own light, it will cast new shadows along the way. Ultimately it also is important to remember to have fun and to enjoy the flow of color.”

Elena paints with the history of painting behind her, like all painters have, but the age of today where technology rules, painting must flourish beyond the coldness of staring at lit screens. It again becomes a very personal experience. A less traveled avenue to follow, but where the roads intersect, painting initiates an important career in which to go.

Willem de Kooning once said, “I think I’m painting a picture of two women, but it may turn out to be a landscape.” View the paintings here with that same innocent attitude.